A long time ago

With an unexplained explosion, the Dimension Rift appeared all over the world.
The world was plunged into a vortex of war
because of Yokais that appeared from the Dimension Rift.

Humans struggled against Yokais who had power beyond human wisdom.
However, with the help of hunters with special skills,
the world soon returned to peace.
This war was later called, "Human Yokai War”, the war between humans and Yokais.

Decades after the end of the Human Yokai War.
The possibility of understanding and coexistence
between humans and Yokais began to sprout,
but in some areas, the threats from Yokais still continued.

And then, one day.

The Dimension Rift appears again in the world.
Hunters started on the rift investigation for humans who are anxious!
The story of humans and Yokais now has a new development.



'I want to know my past......'

A child of unknown origin who has been
abandoned by his parents.
The child grew up as a hunter with the help of
Blue Dragon and now wants to help other children
who are alone like him.

CV. Ishikawa Kaito


'As I expected, you were aware.'

An unidentified girl who suddenly appeared one day.
Her ability to handle magic is so great
that most hunters cannot stand her power.

CV. Ueda Reina


'Hey! You were here, of course!'

An apprentice to Night Watcher.
Her bright smile always gives strength to her friends.

CV. Seto Asami


'The life of a low level informant,
…You know.'

A low level informant of Black Rose. Even though
she's working as a low level informant now...
Rumor has it that she is the last disciple
of the Sage Scalar. But rumors are just rumors.

CV. Horie Yui


'What are you waiting for?
Come on and fight me!'

A boy who lost his parents in a raid by Yokais
and joined Night Watcher.
He has a righteous heart that cannot tolerate injustice
even though he is reckless and a troublemaker.

CV. Yamashita Daiki


'What's the next mission?'

A girl from the Klosevitz family who is known as
the world's best strategist family.
Although she is young,
she is a talented Night Watcher
who leads the battle to victory with her cold judgment.

CV. Tanaka Minami


'We have to find Blue Dragon!
We must!'

The leader of Night Watcher.
He made Night Watcher with Blue Dragon.
Now he is doing his best to find
his missing old friend, Blue Dragon

CV. Hosoya Yoshimasa

Blue Dragon

'Dragon, swallow the enemy!'

The man who brought the main character
to the Night Watcher.
Nobody knows anything about him except
his brilliant sword technique.
He went missing while investigating
the Dimension Rift.

CV. Eguchi Takuya


'Don't underestimate
the Fire of Phoenix.'

A young master who is leading
the Fire of Phoenix, a veiled organization.
He is bright and positive, but behind his laughter
lies the pain and loneliness he has endured
to become a master.

CV. Okazaki Miho



  • Battle
    of Fusion

    of Fusion

    Strengthened through Fusion
    Fusion all-in-one RPG!

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  • Story


    An epic story
    with friends
    in the unknown world!

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    Easy & Diverse

    Practical AUTO function!
    Rich contents with craftsmanship!

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'Fusion system', the key to victory
'Fusion system', in which you borrow power from Yokais to fight the enemy.
The hunter's ability is greatly increased to win.
Yokai fuses into human! Use your skills to strike a powerful blow!
If you use Fusion, you can use more powerful Fusion skill.
The stronger the bond between humans and Yokais is, the stronger the power gained from the Fusion is.
Human fuses into human?! Unlimited possibilities with Cross Training!!
Cross Training for both humans and Yokais.
A clever strategy can be carried out which is impossible with an ordinary Fusion.
The story in the world of humans and Yokais
After suffering from Human Yokai War, humans and Yokais began to cooperate little by little.
Once again, a character gone missing creates conflict between two worlds.
The story of attractive characters
Humans and Yokais, hunters and Yokai group.
The complexion of diverse characters will bring you to the center of the story.
The world of Xross Chronicle with various characters
Some Yokais attack humans, and some live as hunters.
Jump into the stories of numerous characters.
Battle by tapping! Select the operating mode!
Easy Auto Battle or strategic manual operation.
Challenge the strong opponent in your style of play.
Efficient training by setting battles!
Useful AUTO function with battle number setting for collecting or reinforcing materials.
All characters can be raised to the max grade.
Rich contents provide endless joy
Battlefields full of Yokais such as Cave of Sighs and Evil Suppression.
Interact or compete with other hunters through Union or Arena.